Mu Sigma offers $108M reasons to believe in big data


Chicago-based big data firm Mu Sigma has closed a $108 million private-equity investment round to expand its analytics-outsourcing business. Armed with a team of data scientists and subject-matter experts, Mu Sigma takes customers’ data and it turns it into business insights, meaning customers don’t have to built their own in-house big data expertise. It’s an already-profitable business that will only get bigger.

The engineering, programming and math skills necessary to do big data analytics are in hot demand but short supply, which is what makes companies like Mu Sigma so appealing. All customers have to do is bring their data and their money, and the analytics experts go to work figuring out the best strategies for getting insights, and then run the big data workloads. Whereas using cloud-based resources eliminates the capital expense of big data projects, outsourcing eliminates the human resources expense, too.

It’s a fine business to be…

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