Apple released the iPhone 4S a few weeks ago. If this is news to you, then I believe all you’d need to do is ask Siri what’s new these days with Apple.  But of course, if you hadn’t heard of the 4S, you wouldn’t know what Siri represents.

While Siri may be the greatest feature sported on the iPhone 4S, its capabilities cannot be shackled to the mobile communicator. With its rumors of Apple TV (not the current product, but an honest to goodness television display) running wild, Macintosh Manics have let their minds go free as to what else Siri could be used for, from alarm-clocks and interactive message boards, to car-displays (The BatMobile?) and desktops.  For this post, however, let’s focus strictly on the notion of Apple TV.

I’m sure it’s similar in your home, but for some reason we can never find the remote. Someone is always…

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By Reda Bouaichi Posted in ui

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